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    About Us

    Eltron R&D is over 30 years old and has experience in catalysis, materials, chemicals, analytical services, engineering design, prototype development, and technology feasibility studies.

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  • Technologies

    Eltron R&D’s diverse portfolio consists of hundreds of technologies that range from catalysts to membranes, sensors to polymers, water purification technologies to material coatings.

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  • Services

    Engaging Eltron can help speed time to market and reduce risks associated with introducing new technology. In essence, our Ph.D. scientists and engineers are an "instant R&D" team that's ready to complement your in-house staff and help you adjust to industry trends.

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  • News

    Our activity level has significantly picked up and we want to keep our partners and customers informed through our Quarterly Newsletter.

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    Contact Us

    Eltron R&D is located in Boulder, Colorado. There are a variety of things to do, places to eat and local hotels during your visit.

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  • Contract Research & DevelopmentEltron R&D offers comprehensive Contract R&D Services, supporting R&D teams with the expertise and resources required to rapidly move technology from the lab to the marketplace. Eltron R&Ds Contract Services enable cost-effective proof of concept, feasibility determination, economic validation and prototype development.
  • Technology LicensingEltron R&D has produced 76 patents, of which 29 have been commercially licensed. Licensing intellectual property from Eltron R&D can help companies more quickly develop their technologies and accelerate time to market. Tech briefs describing licensing opportunities are available here.
  • Equipment Fabrication We also provide Fabrication Services through our affiliate, Continental Technologies. Transforming concepts into prototypes and pilot-scale systems, Continental Technologies designs, builds and operates equipment for many applications.
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Innovative People Solving Technical Problems

For over 30 years, Eltron R&D has helped leading global technology developers investigate and validate the technical and economic feasibility for commercial application of new technologies. Our interests are broad. Our skills diverse. Our people are solving difficult technical problems.

Eltron R&D provides technology solutions to many industries. Our passion for innovation is supported by our strength in chemistry and experience in:

■Energy and Fuels - Clean and sustainable energy, novel biofuels synthesis, fuel reforming, gasification, sequestration

■ Catalysis - Design, synthesis, evaluation and scale-up of heterogeneous and homogeneous, supported and unsupported materials

■ Advanced Materials - Polymers, multifunctional composites, ceramics, novel paints and coatings, chemical energy storage systems, materials molding, nanotubes

■ Chemicals & Chemical Processing - Ambient and high temperature chemical processes, electrochemical methodologies

■ The Environment - Green water treatment technology, contaminant remediation, sensor technology platforms

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